ReFa Pro Platinum Electronic Roller Review

“Uhh did you really just pay $300 for that…”

I reply,

“No! It was like $275”
“Plus, it used to retail for like $500!”
“And it’s a technology innovation in Japan, like #1 selling…”

Ok, so you’re probably wondering  why did I splurge so much on a metal contraception looking contraption? What is it even? What does it do?

refa pro platinum electronic roller review

So I bought this baby last summer, so it has been almost 1 year and I decided to do a proper in depth review on it because I use it basically everyday.

The only problem with late reviews is that the packaging is all messed up. There used to be a lovely slip bag for the roller but after a drunk night I found it vomit laden under my bed….and the box is a bit bent….sorry am I ranting now?

Anyways, behold the ReFa Pro Platinum Electronic Roller aka my massage roller

refa pro platinum electronic roller review

refa pro platinum electronic roller review

Why did I buy it?

Well, multiple reasons:


  • Unhealthy obsession with have a V-shaped Jaw that I wanted to get plastic surgery because I was literally body dysmorphic, so why not only pay $300 instead of $5,000 or whatever

Proper Reasoning:

  • I have horrible water retention, and my face sometimes is super swollen and bloated
  • Under arm flabbiness, inner thigh flabbiness, everywhere flabbiness…
  • Always wanted to invest in a massage roller (but tbh I didn’t think it would be so much)

Ok, heres the thing usually I do not fall for beauty tools, I find them a complete hassle as well as  unnecessary and possibly unhygienic  But I did always want a proper metal massage roller ever since I saw my idol Queenie Chan aka BeautyQQ on Youtube use them. I remember buying a crappy plastic one from Watsons when I was in Beijing, and it just made my face turn red with no results.

When I first opened the box I was pleasantly surprised with the English instruction pamphlet and a freaking CD-rom with videos on how to use!

Then I was shocked at how many uses and how many techniques there are for this roller because seriously I just wanted to use it for my face. (Click pictures to zoom)

refa pro roller review

refa pro platinum electronic roller review



  • “The two-pronged rollers glide along your lines of your face and the curves of your body gently suctioning like the pleasant feel of the massage of an aesthetician’s hands”  and it really is true!
  • Waterproof Construction and may be used while bathing
  • Platinum Coating that is Heat and Acid Resistant, forever durable!
  • Tear drop handle is fatigue free as well as Germanium coated ball bearings
  • Total Body Treatment
  • 3-D V Construction replicates a 131.8 degree angle as a aestheticians professional treatment and allows you to enjoy a 3D sensation that feels like receiving a massage from expert aesthetician
  • Octagonal Roller with the 8 pointed roller rings in the staggered fashion creates 160 protrusions which together suck up and massage the skin with gentleness
  • Microcurrent carrying ball bearings developed in house makes a reality of an unknown type of smooth gliding rolling
  • Solar Panel uses efficiency of light condensation that produces more efficient transition of microcurrent

Sounds all snazzy right? So you may be wondering what is Microcurrent? Well it is said that a low electrical current is present on the surface of our skin and it is one of the factors responsible for maintaining our skin in a healthy beautiful condition. The ReFa roller generates a low electrical current or micro current which closely resembles the natural current based on their bare skin scientific research.

Ok so I can’t really say much about the total body treatment since I only use it on my face and neck, however when I use it on my tummy because I have poor digestion I feel as though it helps. I remember reading  it can help speed up digestion and metabolism too.
I use it everyday (after I wash my face) while multitasking, like as I am watching a show or reading or whatever it is that I don’t need both hands for. I wash it immediately after with anti bacterial soap and my acne face wash.

The results really are super noticeable and fast, like my face skin is a bit tightened . Try it on one side of your face for like 5 minutes and you will see it becoming more sharper than the other side.

Some other claims and benefits: 

  • Tightens enlarged pores
  • Improves skin texture
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves cellular regeneration
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increases lymphatic drainage
  • Contours facial and body lines
  • Enhances production of collagen

Do I reccomend it?

I know this price point seems a bit ridiculous but I mainly because of the technology they used to manufacture it, as well as I mean… come on its from Japan!

I feel as though this is only beneficial with those who are willing to use it everyday and have face bloating issues as I do. Women or Men who are middle aged and experiencing unwanted  sagging skin, I think this would be perfect for you!

Love, Mei

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